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Mikhail Trifonov

Mikhail Trifonov


School. At the age of 14 Mikhail found a program in the open source to automate the collection of loot in the online game, modified it to suit his needs. While he was at school, Mikhail's characters collected loot and developed. Reselling my pumped characters allowed me to save up for my first courses in programming. Thus was born the love of the profession.

Institute. Together with his studies at the institute Michael wrote a program for registering the tests of patients in the database, which cut the time of the tests registration 4 times.

He has got his commercial experience by participating in the development of the following programs: TopSalon, KPI Monitoring, HR Monitoring, My Courses, здоровЯ, (bookmaker's office).

Currently Lead Frontend in the company SberCloud. He is creating the MLSpace platform which uses the power of the Christofari supercomputer. He is also the organizer of a closed frontend community TeamSnack.