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Not a bug, but a feature: parsing the design tradeoffs of TypeScript

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Often when we use a programming language, we don't like something about it. It lacks some syntactic constructions or more convenient ways to express our intentions. In this case, it is common to blame the creators of the language for all the troubles. For example, if you've been writing in TypeScript for a long time, every now and then you must have questions like "Why haven't they made it possible to disable structural typing? And anyway, who needs it?" 

But there are times when inconvenience is a compromise that language creators are forced to make. In some cases, the reasons are obvious and sometimes there is a whole detective story behind the decision. 

In his talk, Andrey will try to take a few features of the language and show what the trade-offs are behind them and why we have to wait so long for some new language features.

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